[Top 10] Underrated Games That Deserve More Attention (2023)

[Top 10] Underrated Games That Deserve More Attention (1)

The unsung, the unheard, the invisible. Not every game is equal. Imagine how these game designers, producers, marketers feel when they pour their heart and souls into a new project but it doesn’t bang like some of the bigger boys or girls seem to do. This one is for the gaming companies that have great titles that deserve a little more respect.

10. The Medium | 2021 | Blooper Team SA | X Box Series X, PlayStation 5, PC

[Top 10] Underrated Games That Deserve More Attention (2)

Halloween may have come and gone this year but the horror remains. We have everything from the Resident Evil series being remade to the Dead space series which is still close to our fright-infested hearts.

You play as Maryanne a Medium whose mission is to find the origins of her power which sets her up for an out-of-body experience. This includes weird creatures, migraines that split the screen apart, and a mystery that would make Colombo gasp.

The Medium toes the line of survival and adventure which allows more Resident Evil comparisons with a villain like Nemesis cannot be killed. While the puzzles aren’t as exciting or as scarier as other titles, it still manages to provide you with a good time.

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9. Oddworld – Soulstorm | 2021 |Oddworld Inhabitants | PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox X

[Top 10] Underrated Games That Deserve More Attention (3)

I always respect games with longevity. The Oddworld franchise has been around since 1997, In 97 I was drinking with mates at Uni and deciding on what car I wanted but here we are in 2021, and that weird-looking rascal Abe is back at it again with a new title.

Once again your mission is to save Abe’s mates from the evil Glukkons who want to use them for financial gain and hard labor. While the game is very similar to most of the older titles, it still has a good blend of story, fun, and weapon crafting in difficult scenarios.

Those damn bugs have entered the building and have affected nearly every part of the game. Characters freezing mid-air, followers disappearing faster than my hairline. Despite all these things, the story is still strong and satisfying enough for you to power lift your way to the cul-de-sac.

8. Blue Fire | 2021| Robi - Studios | PC, Nintendo Switch

[Top 10] Underrated Games That Deserve More Attention (4)

Platformers are everywhere, the gaming world is full of them, It’s hard to find a new successor these days to make you stop and think ‘This isn’t half bad at all’ Blue fire finds a way of combining a few very popular platforms games than adding its flavor to a fault.

You play as a lone warrior on a mission to help clear out the riff-raff roaming the city of Penumbra, sadly they outnumber you 1000-1. You can see shades of Mario, Hallow Knight, and Zelda lurking around the corners but it does switch gears halfway through into more of a boss-hunting affair.

While it gets frustrating going back and forth to some areas, the games gravity defining moments and brilliant special attacks make you feel empowered. , the package certainly packs a cute but addictive punch to the mix of adventure titles.

7. Returnal | 2021 | House Marque | PlayStation 5

[Top 10] Underrated Games That Deserve More Attention (5)

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Bill Murray has a lot to answer for. Groundhog day opened up a lot of possibilities for the whole start, die, repeat style gimmick at this point but in movies. Returnal finds a way in a game to make it fresher by sticking it in a Sci-Fi setting with a protagonist with a dodgy past.

Selene crashes on a strange planet while investigating a signal on the surface realizes that she is trapped in a time loop. From the jump, you will realize that this is a difficult game. It pulls no punches and their foes swarm you like a smothered in sticky honey.

While the game has a great feel to it, the difficulty level and the bizarre inability to save the levels are uncalled for and unwelcome. The choice of weapons and upgrades are great, the levels are next-gen and the side story revealing Selene’s past is a nice touch. All and all I would certainly recommend this one despite the hard journey to the finish.

6. Cyber Shadow | 2021 | Mechanical Head Studios | Switch, PC

[Top 10] Underrated Games That Deserve More Attention (6)

Well, it certainly wins in the cool title screen department. Cyber Shadow is a throwback to the mega drive days in which Sega dominated the market. It has all the elements of a Metroidvania title and adds a few clever methods of its own.

The story involves Shadow whose mission is to protect his clan while also tracking the man who betrayed his people for his motives. The graphics are in 8 bit but the novelty runs thin at all as you hack around with your razor-sharp-thirsty blade.

The game has all the beauty and the bad points of most retro titles, hard and frustrating at times but very rewarding in many other ways. This game manages to find a place in my lemonade-flooded heart due to its generally enjoyable nostalgic gameplay.

5. Mundaun | 2021 | Hidden Fields| PC, PlayStation, Xbox S X

[Top 10] Underrated Games That Deserve More Attention (7)

First Person horror is thriving at the moment. Before Resident Evil Village the gaming space was already being haunted by many different horror titles but this little gem certainly has an intriguing spin on the genre.

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You play Curdin who returns home due to a death in the family which turns into a big mystery with unsettling consequences. Stealth and good timing are needed to avoid foes while a lot of bizarre scenarios seem to occur all the time.

The fact that this was made by a skeleton crew increases my respect for it. While it doesn’t shoot to the top of the survival horror list, it certainly deserves to be mentioned in a possible game of the year list.

4. Necromunda Hired Gun | 1998 | Streum on Studio| PlayStation, PC

[Top 10] Underrated Games That Deserve More Attention (8)

Necromunda is a first-person shooter based in the world of Warhammer involving a mercenary investigating a big conspiracy lurking in Necromunda, yep that’s the city’s name too.

Now, most of the game involves our hero taking on contracts but mostly you are just blowing crap up with your trusty and cute dog until nothing is left but a disturbing combination of bullets and blood.

Sadly the game is riddled with bugs that really shouldn’t be occurring on any next-gen consoles. Despite all of this, the awesome kills, weapons, and modded canine attacks are a nice touch to a handsome-looking title.

3. Little Nightmares | 2021| Tarsier Studios | PlayStation, PC, Xbox

[Top 10] Underrated Games That Deserve More Attention (9)

We all love cute dark adventure platformers right? Little Nightmares has a lot of ingredients taken from other titles from the same genre but finds a way to add extra creepiness at the same time.

You play once again as Mono trying to survive in a matter of fun and crazy situations in Pale city. This is another game I would recommend playing in the dark and enjoying the atmosphere and great sound effects throughout this adventure.

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Unlike the first game, you can fight enemies, smack them over the head or leg it to safety. It’s a nice touch to get help from your companion to complete puzzles and genuinely think it’s a nice touch that you can even hold hands while on the march to the next task. It’s a cute little game that needs the comfort of other gamers to live on.

2. Nier Replicant 1.22 | 2021 | Square Enix | PlayStation, Xbox, PC

[Top 10] Underrated Games That Deserve More Attention (10)

Square Enix is at it again. They have a long list of great action RPGs’s so we aren’t gonna complain about another gem not called Final Fantasy? Hell no. Technically this is a remake, reboot, sequel but it’s all the better for it than its predecessor in some ways.

You play as Nier, a man who will do anything to find a vaccine that is killing his sister, this leads to him doing very questionable things to get to the cure which he feels he can acquire for her.

Nier has great combat with sword and magic attacks plus a compelling story which every good RPG should. While I still feel like it fits in the underrated category, thankfully it does seem like it is getting noticed a bit more now, thankfully.

1. Scarlett Nexus | 2021 | Bandai | PlayStation, Xbox, PC

[Top 10] Underrated Games That Deserve More Attention (11)

Anime crossover is incoming! Well, it has an Anime TV show out at the moment and a great underrated game that demands respect, so let’s give it some respect right now.

In this one you have a choice of either playing as Yuito or Kasane, both members of the OSF force who exterminate the infestation of weird flower creatures (Others) who are taking over the city.

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Scarlett Nexus is a rare mix of a surprisingly deep storyline, great game mechanics, and a brilliant soundtrack that all complement each other over and over again as you slash your way through the story. Give it a chance like the other titles in the list.

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What makes a game underrated? ›

These titles maybe didn't have a strong enough marketing campaign, were overshadowed by giant releases, or simply came from lesser-known developers. Whatever the reason is for their lack of public appreciation, they are still fantastic games in their own right, so they deserve some love.

Is Mad Max game underrated? ›

Mad Max is that game, and it stands out to me as an incredibly underrated title that never got the recognition it deserved during the last console generation. I hadn't seen a Mad Max movie till 2015 when I saw Mad Max Fury Road, and I needed more.

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Despite never receiving the same attention as its AAA rivals, Respawn Entertainment's polished shooter is unquestionably a titan of modern gaming.

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Greedfall is a big, open-world RPG in similar style to Bioware, Bethesda, and Obsidian RPGs. Its setting is very similar to the Age of Exploration period in history and particularly the colonisation of the Americas. However, the setting itself is fictional and with fantasy elements.

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When focusing on the main objectives, Mad Max is about 20 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 62 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Is Mad Max game fun? ›

Mad Max, the aptly titled 2015 video game based on the popular action film franchise of the same name, was a visually stunning and chaotically satisfying romp of an experience. It's open world was vast and gorgeous, the vehicular combat was intense, and overall design of the game was top-notch quality.

How long is Mad Max game Reddit? ›

The game at two hours is the same game at thirty hours, just with beefier cars and enemies, there's basically no new mechanics or ideas introduced anywhere throughout the game. I was talking to my friend about this, and you will know VERY QUICKLY if you will gel with this game or not.

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Is titanfall 2 underrated? ›

Despite never receiving the same attention as its AAA rivals, Respawn Entertainment's polished shooter is unquestionably a titan of modern gaming.

Is Greedfall an RPG? ›

Greedfall is a big, open-world RPG in similar style to Bioware, Bethesda, and Obsidian RPGs. Its setting is very similar to the Age of Exploration period in history and particularly the colonisation of the Americas. However, the setting itself is fictional and with fantasy elements.

What does it mean when someone says something is underrated? ›

If you call something underrated, it means you think the general opinion about it is lower than it should be. Underrated is an adjective, but is also the past tense of the verb underrate. It is somewhat more common to call something underrated than to say that people underrate it, but both are used.

What games are available for PC? ›

Personal computer

Does Titanfall 2 have a campaign? ›

This time around Titanfall 2 contains the same impressive multiplayer but also a single-player campaign focused on a green pilot and his Titan.

Is GreedFall free? ›

The game was not "free". You have to have an active subscription just like on Xbox Gamepass to access the game. Cheapskate.

What is max level in GreedFall? ›

A Reddit thread, started by user trainradio, asked the community what the level cap was in GreedFall. A reply revealed that it was, in fact, level 99. You should have no problem reaching level 50 by the time the main game ends even if you stick to all of the main quests.

Does GreedFall have romance? ›

This article is a stub. You can help GreedFall Wiki by expanding it. In GreedFall is possible to have a romantic relationship: there are four companions available, three for a male De Sardet, and three for a female De Sardet.

Is underrated rude? ›

Underrated usually has a positive connotation to it. It is usually used to describe a film, band, tv show, etc. that critical reviews or popular opinion rate more negatively than it actually is.

What are some underrated things? ›

50 Most Underrated Things (Atomic Essay Day 14)
  • Building and failing fast.
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  • Taking time off before you burn out.
23 Jul 2022

What underrated examples? ›

The definition of underrated is something that has not received the merit, recognition or praise it deserves. A movie that is really very good but that no one really pays attention to or praises is an example of an underrated movie.

What is the #1 game in the world? ›

Grand Theft Auto V is the world no. 1 mobile game and reimagines the open-world game in a number of ways.

What game is everyone playing right now? ›

Minecraft. Fortnite. Grand Theft Auto V. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.

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