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Forms are a new component to battling the many enemies in Sora’s path. Whenever Sora’s usual attacks just aren’t enough, he can borrow strength from his allies to increase his own. Each of these Forms utilizes the new Drive Gauge, consuming a certain number of points in order to initiate the transformation. In addition, each of Sora’s Forms has the ability to level up, increasing the amount of time Sora can spend in that Form, as well as giving each Form new Abilities to use against the Heartless, Nobodies, and Organization XIII. Below is a description of each Form, as well as tips on how to easily level each Form up.

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Valor Form

Obtained by talking to the 3 Good Fairies during the first visit to Twilight Town

Valor Form in Action

Valor Form uses up 3 Drive Gauge bars and draws power from Goofy. Without Goofy in your party, it is impossible to transform into Valor Form. Valor Form gives Sora an extra Keyblade, allowing him to hack through his enemies twice as fast. Valor Form sports a variety of both ground and air combos that deal as much damage as possible in a short amount of time, giving the enemy little chance of fighting back. The downside to Valor Form is the lack of magic casting. Since Valor Form draws power from Goofy and Goofy cannot use magic, Sora cannot use magic while in Valor Form. This is usually not a problem until you need to heal Sora, in which case you don’t have the ever-useful Cure to save you. The bonus to being in Valor Form is the High Jump Ability, which allows Sora to jump higher to dodge attacks or reach ledges he couldn’t reach before.

Leveling Up Valor Form

Valor Form levels up by landing hits on enemies. Each successful hit provides one EXP Point towards increasing Valor Form’s level. With each level increase, Sora can stay in Valor Form longer, and he learns new Abilities. Because Valor levels up based on how many times Sora’s Keyblade connects with an enemy, the best times to level it up are during long boss battles or against enemies with large amounts of HP, such as Morning Stars, Assault Riders, Large Bodies, Fat Bandits, and Berserkers. If you reach a point where there are no more bosses to fight and you still need a few more levels to completely power up Valor Form, one of the best places to level it up is in Hollow Bastion. Enter the world through the Postern Save Point and battle your way all the way down to the Crystal Fissure. You should be able to clear all of the enemies in the Restoration Site, Bailey, Castle Gate, and Ravine Trail if you go into Valor Form twice. There are a large amount of high-HP enemies through those areas, so they’re sure to provide plenty of experience to level up Valor Form quickly. Be sure to enter the Crystal Fissure Save Point before Valor Form runs out for the second time. Exiting a world while in a Form sets Sora’s Drive Gauge back to the maximum number.

Kingdom Hearts II > Forms (2)

Wisdom Form

Obtained after clearing Disney Castle

Wisdom Form in Action>

Wisdom Form requires 3 Drive Gauge bars and pulls power from Donald. Donald must be in your party in order to transform into Wisdom Form. Wisdom Form uses only one Keyblade and changes Sora’s primary attacks from physical melee attacks to a barrage of magical bullets. Wisdom Form also has an Ability called Mobile Action, which means Sora hovers slightly above the ground while in Wisdom Form, making it easier to move around during the battle. In addition, Sora can also move while attacking, making it easier to pelt enemies with magic bullets from a distance and avoid being hit. Magic spells are also drastically more powerful in Wisdom Form, making this a good Form to use a lot of magic in. Wisdom Form also has the Quick Run Ability, which is handy for dodging attacks or simply getting around faster.

Leveling Up Wisdom Form

Wisdom Form gains EXP Points from defeating Heartless. Each Heartless defeated provides one EXP Point. That being said, enemies such as Nobodies or other enemies who aren’t Heartless will not give Wisdom Form any EXP Points at all. Likewise, it levels the playing field when it comes to battling Heartless. Since each Heartless is worth only one EXP Point, regardless of how powerful that Heartless is, it only makes sense that the best way to level up Wisdom Form would be to use it in places with a lot of weak Heartless. Since most of the forced battles during the story don’t give you a decent opportunity to rack up a lot of EXP Points with Wisdom Form, this will probably be one of the last Forms you reach the maximum level with. The best location to quickly level up Wisdom Form is The World That Never Was. Enter the world through the Alley to Between Save Point and head out into the Fragment Crossing. Transform into Wisdom Form and take out as many of the Shadows as you can before Wisdom Form runs out. Transform for a second time and do the same thing, but start heading back to the Alley to Between when you have about 1 Form Gauge bar left and enter the Save Point before Wisdom Form ends. This will give you a lot of EXP Points each time.

Kingdom Hearts II > Forms (3)

Master Form

Obtained from the King during the first visit to Space Paranoids

Master Form in Action

Master Form uses 4 Drive Gauge bars and requires the power of whatever two members you have in your party at the time. Master Form combines the strength of Valor Form with the magic casting of Wisdom Form. Like Valor Form, Master Form allows Sora to wield two Keyblades at the same time. In addition to being able to lay out some powerful combos, Master Form can also cast very powerful magic. Unlike the magic performed when Sora is in his normal mode or in Wisdom Form, spells used while in Master Form have the extra advantage of dealing physical damage and magical damage simultaneously. Master Form also has the Aerial Dodge Ability, which essentially functions as a second jump, allowing Sora to reach very high ledges or dodge attacks during battle.

Leveling Up Master Form

Master Form is a unique Form in the sense that you actually don’t even need to fight enemies in order to level it up. Master Form gains EXP Points from collecting Drive Orbs while in Master Form. The amount of EXP Points gained is equal to the amount of points the Drive Orb would normally restore the Drive Gauge. The best part about Master Form is that leveling it up by collecting Drive Orbs also replenishes Sora’s Form Gauge at the same time, allowing him to stay in Master Form longer and therefore level it up faster. Breakable objects like the fireworks found in Land of Dragons are good spots to acquire some Drive Orbs, though the absolute best place to level up Master Form does involve getting your hands a little dirty. Enter Land of Dragons through the Throne Room and make your way into the Antechamber. Inside are several Assault Riders which drop a lot of Drive Orbs with each kill. They are fairly tough opponents, but clever use of your Fire magic will quickly dispatch them. Make your way back to the Throne Room Save Point before Master Form depletes to avoid losing Drive Gauge bars.

Kingdom Hearts II > Forms (4)

Final Form

Obtained randomly after the event at Memory’s Skyscraper at The World That Never Was

Final Form in Action

Final Form takes 5 Drive Gauge bars to use and takes power from whatever two members you have in your party. Final Form, like Valor Form and Master Form, gives Sora power over two Keyblades at once, but like Wisdom Form, Sora levitates while in Final Form. Final Form is not like the other three Forms though. It doesn’t appear in your Drive Menu like the other three, but it will randomly appear when Sora attempts to go into one of his other three Forms. After this random transformation takes place, Sora will be able to enter Final Form from the Drive Menu. Final Form is great for relentless physical combos and powerful magical attacks, and also has the Glide Ability, making maneuvering through the battlefield a lot easier.

Leveling Up Final Form

Final Form is almost the opposite of Wisdom Form in the sense that instead of leveling up from defeating Heartless, Final Form gains one EXP Point per defeated Nobody. Similar to Wisdom Form, this means that Final Form will gain equal EXP Points regardless of how powerful or how weak the defeated enemy is. Therefore, it is easier to level up Final Form by defeating more weaker enemies than it is to do so by defeating fewer stronger enemies. One of the best places to level up Final Form is in The World That Never Was, seeing as how this is really the only world where a large amount of Nobodies commonly appear. Enter the world through the Twilight’s View Save Point and make your way into the Hall of Empty Melodies. Defeat the small amount of Snipers that appears in this room and then proceed out to Naught’s Skyway, where there are a lot more Nobodies to fight. This room is where you’ll want to change into Final Form and clear as much of the room out as you can. Be sure to make your way back to the Save Point in Twilight’s View before Final Form reverts to level it up even quicker.

Kingdom Hearts II > Forms (5)

Anti Form

Randomly triggered when Sora changes into his other Forms

Anti Form in Action

Anti Form is different from all of the other Forms available to Sora. It cannot be selected from the Drive Menu at any time. In addition, when he changes into Anti Form, Sora cannot use magic or Items, leaving him with absolutely no way to heal himself. What’s more, Sora takes 50% more damage with each blow when he gets hit, making his HP drop faster when in Anti Form. The good thing is that when Sora accidentally changes into Anti Form, the transformation only takes up 3 Drive Gauge bars regardless of the Drive Gauge cost of whichever Form he would have changed into. The bad thing is that there’s no way not to lose the Drive Gauge bars Sora uses up when he changes into Anti Form, for if you leave whatever room the change took place in, he’ll revert back to normal and have already lost the 3 Drive Gauge bars. Sora’s combos are actually quite decent while in Anti Form. He strikes relentlessly with dark punches and kicks that often leave the enemy with no chance to attack. The problem is that these attacks do very little damage with each blow and are incapable of actually defeating bosses, as Anti Form does not have a finishing move to its combos. In addition to all of that, Sora gains no EXP from defeated enemies.

Anti Points

Anti Form occurs randomly, and actually occurs more often the more you successfully change into Sora’s other Forms. Each successful change into a Form gives Sora what is called an Anti Point. Acquire enough Anti Points, and Sora’s chances of changing into Anti Form instead go way up. The good news is that Sora cannot change into Anti Form when he attempts to go into Final Form, no matter how many Anti Points he’s accumulated. Likewise, he cannot change into Anti Form if a member of the party is at zero HP. Below is a chart showing how Anti Points are acquired and what they do to Sora’s chances of accidentally changing into Anti Form.


Anti Points

Change into Valor Form+1
Change into Wisdom Form+1
Change into Master Form+1
Change Forms with fallen party member0
Change into Anti Form-4
Change into Final Form-10
Obtain a new Form Drop to0

Anti Points

Change Probability

0 – 40%
5 – 910%
10 or more25%
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