Kingdom Hearts 3, Complete guide: history, worlds, secrets and more (2023)

Live 100% of the adventure of Sora and her friends thanks to this complete Kingdom Hearts 3 guide for PS4 and Xbox One, so as not to lose detail.

The highly anticipated third numbered installment of the Kingdom Hearts saga is finally among us. We embark on a magic story developed and distributed by Square Enix for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in which light and darkness begin a new battle. Taking control of Sora, who will be accompanied once again by Donald and Goofy, in turn with the help of multiple Disney characters and other Square Enix sagas (such as Final Fantasy), this KH3 promises to close some open story arcs . As it is not easy to understand the story we leave you “The Story so far”, a compilation of up to 5 videos that review the most important plot facts so far. As for the title at hand, you have before you a complete Guide to not lose detail of the journey that lies ahead, do you accompany us?

Tricks and tips

In this section we will detail some tips to face the adventure successfully, such as those related to the different sections of the menu and their functions, the use of magic in the fighting, the customization of our protagonist and others. From simpler tips to curiosities that you might have missed. As we progress we will be adding more sections, in order to cover any need that, as players, you may have. In addition, we tell you how to unlock the secret end of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Various tips to get started and tricks to follow

How to unlock the Secret End of the game

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History: Journey through the worlds

After so many years of waiting, the story of Kingdom Hearts is resumed with this installment, returning to embody Sora to travel through the worlds of Disney (and other originals of the saga) to complete the entire history of the game. Then we will leave the index with the different worlds, being able to visit them in our guide if you have lost your way, need a companion to give you advice or want to discover all the details that hide the corners of the stages.

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The olimpus

The first world we visit is The Olympus of Hercules. Although this time we do not have the Colosseum to compete, we will meet our friends and enemies, being able to learn the basic combat mechanics and acquire our first magic. In addition, we will see some collectibles that we still cannot collect, so you will have to return if we want 100%.

Twilight Villa

The classic location with which Kingdom Hearts 2 begins and we have come many times. Here we will begin to find the first collectibles, unlocking functions of the Gumífono and the restaurant of Ratatouille, in addition to progressing in history.

Toy Story

We met with Woody, Buzz and the rest of the toys to live an adventure in this interesting world full of references to Toy Story. We will discover new secrets, we will ride mekas to fight and continue with the main story.

Kingdom of Corona (Tangled)

We travel to the world of Tangled to help Rapunzel fulfill his dream, in addition to encountering various disembodied and dark beings that we have to defeat to continue our adventure through the worlds.

Monstruópolis (Monstruos S.A.)

We accompany Mike and Sully in their mission to protect Boo while we continue with our own task focused on becoming more powerful. We will meet an important character and continue exploring, discovering secrets and doing everything necessary to progress in the adventure.

Forest of One Hundred Acres (Winnie the Pooh)

We arrived inside the Winnie the Pooh book thanks to Merlin and his invitation. We will receive your call once we complete the world of Monstruos S.A., having to go to the restaurant of Villa Crepúsculo to be able to enter the book. There we will play various mini-games and meet our dear animal friends.

Arendelle (Frozen)

We travel to the world of Frozen to live the story of Elsa and Anna, in addition to continuing with our own adventure and discovering new secrets, in addition to finding collectibles and exploring an icy world.

The Caribbean (Pirates of the Caribbean)

We sail through the seven seas until we reach Jack Sparrow and the rest of his crew, allies and enemies, to live many adventures aboard the Leviathan, our personal ship. We will sink ships and explore desert islands in search of great treasures to complete the history of this exciting and different world.

San Fransokyo (Big Hero 6)

We visit the world where Hiro, Baymax and the rest of the Big Hero 6 gang live to help them protect the city of San Fransokyo and, at the same time, continue our mission. This is the last world of Disney that we will visit, having to prepare for the outcome that is approaching.

Necropolis of the sword keys

We are approaching the outcome of Kingdom Hearts 3, having to go through various places to gather our friends and prepare for the final battle against the darkness. Make sure you are prepared for the last measures of this work before going for the final bosses.

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Unique sword keys, games of the "Classic Kingdom", Portafortuna (Mickey emblems) for the Gumífono, objects difficult to find and collect … in this section you will find any type of important collectibles of the game. We will discover them as we progress in the game and we will add them here in an orderly manner so that none is out of your reach.

Mickey (Portafortuna) emblems for photography

After visiting Twilight Villa we will find the function of the Gumífono camera, being useful to make our own captures and for a specific type of collectible: Mickey-shaped emblems that we will find on different surfaces as we progress through the worlds. We will detail here where to find them next to a useful photo in which you can see the map with the specific area.

Classic Kingdom: Games for the Gumífono

What was already known becomes a reality: We can play minigames in the Gumífono as we find them around the worlds, being a useful hobby between travel and adventure, allowing us to set records to challenge our friends to overcome them and others. A retro touch that is always appreciated.

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Sword keys and the powerful Artema Weapon

Each time we complete a world we will obtain a new sword key with special abilities and a specific design of the world to which it belongs. In addition, there are other keys that can only be obtained in specific ways, so finding them will be more difficult and it will be useful to have this guide. Finally, we offer an explanation of how to get the Artema Weapon in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Orichalcum +, location of all

We detail the location of the 7 units of Orichalcum + and how to get them to achieve all the materials needed to form the Artema Weapon.

Golden Dolls of Hercules

While in Olympus we will be in charge of a secondary mission related to collectibles based on finding 5 golden figures of Hercules in various corners of the world. We detail your location with specific photos of each place.

The Fantastic 7

We find the special heartless cranks hidden in the different worlds to detail their location, function and corresponding minigame in order to get the ingredients they grant us, a trophy and the Orichalcum +.

Location of Photomissions

In the Moguri> Goldsmith shop we find a series of photography missions in which they give us a clue and we must find the element in question to capture with the camera of the Gumífono. Some are more complex, such as the Lucero Vespertino and others like "Olaf" we will have clear, but here we explain them all, all 20!

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Where to find the power, tortuous and igneous crystals

We detail the location of rare materials such as power crystals and derivatives so that you can forge at will everything you want in the Moguri shop.

Secret Reports

Being related to the Battle Portals (as a reward to overcome them), we will obtain different secret reports that will provide us with important information about the worlds, the history and the characters.

Final bosses

The final bosses have always been something very characteristic of Kingdom Hearts and in 3 it will not be an exception. Here we present an entry in which the most complex appear, found in the final stretch of the game, along with tips and strategies to beat them. Are linked to history or are optional, no enemy will escape from our sword key.

Last battles and final bosses

Location of the Battle Portals and the Dark Hell Secret Chief

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Achievements and Trophies

If you are one of those who like to get platinum in games, Kingdom Hearts 3 will not be an exception. Then we leave you the complete list of trophies to unlock with its corresponding small description so that, despite being hidden, you can get them all and get 100% of the game.

Trophies on PS4

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