Kingdom Hearts 2: 15 Best Abilities To Use (& How To Get Them) (2023)

Kingdom Hearts 2 is considered by most fans to be the best game in the franchise. It introduced a lot of new characters, had some of the best worlds, and was one of the most fun installments to play. One of the reasons this title was so fun was because of the awesome abilities that players could use.

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With the exception of a few, the abilities are helpful as Kingdom Hearts 2 is one of the most balanced installments in the series. However, there are some that every player should equip to have the best experience controlling Sora and fighting enemies. Here are fifteen of them.

Updated November 27, 2022, by Justin Flynn: The Kingdom Hearts series has evolved a great deal since the release of Kingdom Hearts 2 in 2005. This title marked the beginning of Sora's Keyblade mastery, and though he has yet to officially receive the title of "Keyblade Master," the abilities he has gained since his first adventure are truly a wonder to behold.

In Kingdom Hearts 3, Sora can call upon a variety of different elements to aid him in combat. When he's not summoning an iconic Disneyland amusement ride, he will more than likely be found transforming his Keyblade into something bizarre. Though these new abilities are welcomed additions to the series, it's difficult not to feel nostalgia for the Keyblades that helped Sora during his quest to defeat Xemnas.

15/15 Scan

Kingdom Hearts 2: 15 Best Abilities To Use (& How To Get Them) (1)

The Scan ability is unlocked after the first battle against Axel in Twilight Town. Though it may not seem like the most essential ability in Sora's arsenal when compared to others, it is arguably the most important ability in all of Kingdom Hearts 2.

When equipped, the Scan ability allows the player to see the health bars of Sora's enemies. It isn't too helpful during the game's tutorial segment, but it can make a huge difference later on, as most of the game's bosses have multiple health bars.

14/15 Glide

Kingdom Hearts 2: 15 Best Abilities To Use (& How To Get Them) (2)

Like in the original Kingdom Hearts game, Sora can obtain the means to fly. Not only does Glide grant him a much faster way to travel around, but it can also be an extremely effective aid during certain battles.

Though Glide was unlocked by advancing the main story in Kingdom Hearts 1, Kingdom Hearts 2 requires its players to put some extra effort into obtaining it. To get it, Sora must activate Final Form and defeat Nobodies to gain EXP. Upon reaching Level 3, he will gain the option to equip Glide outside of the Form Change.

13/15 Dodge Roll

Kingdom Hearts 2: 15 Best Abilities To Use (& How To Get Them) (3)

The Dodge Roll ability offered one of the best means of evasion in Kingdom Hearts 1, so its absence in Kingdom Hearts 2 was unusual. Thankfully, Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix, released in 2007, introduced a new way to obtain it.

To obtain Dodge Roll, the player needs to familiarize themselves with Limit Form, a Drive Form introduced in the Final Mix version of the game. Upon reaching level 3, Sora can equip the Dodge Roll ability and perform it without activating Limit Form.

12/15 Negative Combo

While the Combo Plus ability seems to be a better option in most scenarios, the Negative Combo ability can be just as effective. As its name suggests, equipping Negative Combo will decrease the number of attacks Sora will deliver during a combo. The last attack Sora deals at the end of a combo is usually the most powerful, so equipping Negative Combo allows him to deliver his finisher much faster.

It can be unlocked upon reaching different levels, but the quickest way to get it is to have Roxas choose the Dream Rod at the beginning of the game. This will unlock Negative Combo at Level 36; choosing the Dream Sword will unlock it at Level 44 while selecting the Dream Shield will unlock it at Level 73.

11/15 Combo Master

Kingdom Hearts 2: 15 Best Abilities To Use (& How To Get Them) (5)

The Combo Master ability is possibly the handiest ability Sora can obtain in Kingdom Hearts 2. When equipped, it allows him to continually attack with his Keyblade even when he isn't able to land a hit. It can be useful during ground-based combat, but it's a must-have for when Sora engages an airborne foe.

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The enemies in Kingdom Hearts 2, especially the bosses, have a habit of ascending out of Sora's reach. Though Combo Master isn't always guaranteed to help Sora reach them, it's usually the only way to get close. To unlock it, Sora must defeat Roxas in The World that Never Was.

10/15 Trinity Limit

Kingdom Hearts 2: 15 Best Abilities To Use (& How To Get Them) (6)

Trinity Limit is one of the strongest abilities in the game, having Sora team up with Donald and Goofy to attack all of the enemies around them. Pete is one of the main antagonists in this installment and can be fought multiple times.

The first time players fight him is towards the end of their first visit to Olympus Coliseum. Upon defeating him, they are rewarded with Trinity Limit.

9/15 Explosion

Kingdom Hearts 2: 15 Best Abilities To Use (& How To Get Them) (7)

Throughout the game, there will be many times when Sora is surrounded by enemies. Explosion is a great ability that allows players to attack all of them at once, not having to worry about getting hit from behind.

They can obtain Explosion by going to Space Paranoids and defeating all of the heartless on the Solar Sailer during their second visit.

8/15 Guard

Guard is one of the earliest abilities to earn in the game. It allows players to block an enemy's attack, so they won't lose HP. When playing as Roxas at the beginning of Kingdom Hearts 2, they will fight against Twilight Thorn at Dive to the Heart.

By defeating this Nobody boss, the player will be rewarded with Guard and should keep it equipped the entire game. It's great to have when facing Kingdom Hearts 2's bosses, but it is vital to have it equipped during the Data Battles.

7/15 Aerial Recovery

Kingdom Hearts 2: 15 Best Abilities To Use (& How To Get Them) (9)

There will be many times in this game that players will get hit by an enemy and be knocked back, not being able to move until they hit the ground. However, with Aerial Recovery, they can jump before they touch the ground and can fight in the air.


This ability is also obtained when Roxas enters Dive to the Heart, moments before he fights Twilight Thorn. Like Guard, players should keep this ability equipped throughout their whole playthrough.

6/15 Reaction Boost

Kingdom Hearts 2: 15 Best Abilities To Use (& How To Get Them) (10)

Reaction Commands are some of the most fun ways to attack enemies so most players will certainly want to use them often. By equipping Reaction Boost, the Reaction Commands become more powerful. When Roxas went to the Dive to the Heart, players needed to make a decision that would impact when they would get certain abilities.

If they chose to take the Dream Sword, they would get Reaction Boost when they hit level 15. If they chose to take the Dream Rod, they'd get it when they got to level 33. And if they took the Dream Shield, they'd earn it at level 23. Those that want a greater challenge and play on Critical Mode will get this ability once they go to Dive to the Heart, no matter which weapon they chose.

5/15 Form Boost

Kingdom Hearts 2: 15 Best Abilities To Use (& How To Get Them) (11)

Another enjoyable way to attack enemies is by using Drive Forms. These Drive Forms make Sora more powerful, letting him wield two keyblades at the same time or giving him different abilities entirely. However, they don't last for a long time and need to recharge before being used again.

Form Boost makes them last a little longer. Each Drive Form can be leveled up and players will be rewarded by doing so. By leveling up Final Form, they can earn Form Boosts.

4/15 Experience Boost

Kingdom Hearts 2: 15 Best Abilities To Use (& How To Get Them) (12)

EXP is one of the most important things in many video games as it allows players to level up and get stronger. In Kingdom Hearts 2, players can earn more EXP when they are close to dying if they equip Experience Boost.

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If they took the Dream Sword, they will earn this ability at level 9. Those that picked up the Dream Rod will get it at level 7. Lastly, the Dream Shield gives Experience Boost to players once they reach level 17.

3/15 Berserk Charge

Kingdom Hearts 2: 15 Best Abilities To Use (& How To Get Them) (13)

Like Drive Forms, MP needs to recharge after a while. Berserk Charge is a great ability to have equipped during that time as it allows Sora to attack enemies without stopping. Players will obtain Berserk Charge if they chose the Dream Sword once they get to level 65.

If they picked the Dream Rod, they'll get it at level 49. As for the Dream Shield, players will earn it at level 85. It should also be noted that while using Berserk Charge, players will not be able to attack with a Finisher.

2/15 Once More

Kingdom Hearts 2: 15 Best Abilities To Use (& How To Get Them) (14)

There are many difficult enemies and bosses to fight in Kingdom Hearts 2. A lot of them can easily defeat players with a combo. Once More is one of the most useful abilities in the game because as long as players have more than 1 HP, they cannot die until the enemy attacks after they finish using their combo.

Players learn this ability with the Dream Sword once they reach level 47, with the Dream Rod when they get up to level 28, and with the Dream Shield when they reach level 25.

1/15 Second Chance

Kingdom Hearts 2: 15 Best Abilities To Use (& How To Get Them) (15)

Second Chance is very similar to Once More. However, instead of being useful when players are attacked by a combo, this ability is activated when they are hit with one powerful strike. Players that picked up the Dream Sword earn this ability at level 85. Players that decided to take the Dream Rod will get it at level 65. And players that chose the Dream Shield will get it once they reach level 49.

For those that want to try to have a playthrough in which they don't die at all, picking the Dream Shield is the best way to ensure this.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 is available now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.


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