Kingdom Hearts: 10 Best Keyblades In The Series, Ranked (2023)

The Kingdom Hearts series uses keys as its main weapon and while at first, that might sound extremely lame the designs on this list are sure to change many people's minds. Keyblades come in all shapes and sizes and while most of them have some odd key-like structural elements to them, a lot of them are distinctively original. Even some that are not the flashiest can make up for it in the power they radiate.

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These are the Keyblades that are either some of the most powerful to have ever touched the Kingdom Hearts series or those that have blown many away with their aesthetically stunning presentation. Also, there will only be 1 Ultima Keyblade on this list, or else half of the list would be the same Keyblade but in a different game because it's a pretty darn amazing Keyblade.


10/10 Divine Rose - Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts: 10 Best Keyblades In The Series, Ranked (1)

Divine Rose is a late-game Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts. This is not the most powerful Keyblade in the game, but it sure does a good job at being one of them by providing a large boost in strength. It gives the player +13 strength but comes with the price of giving the player +0 magic power, so it all depends on the player's play style on whether they use it or not.

On top of the damage that the Keyblade deals with, it's also able to put combos together with ease as it is extremely difficult for enemies to deflect its attacks.

9/10 Sweet Dreams - Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

Kingdom Hearts: 10 Best Keyblades In The Series, Ranked (2)

Sweet Dreams in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance has one of the cutest designs in the Kingdom Hearts series. It comes in looking like a giant cake with a cute dog-looking dream eater on top of it. Players will need to play all the Flick Rush--the Pokémon style fighting game in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance--cups to be able to unlock this Keyblade. Not only that but they have to do good on these cups to get enough of a high rating that when done with all the cups they will unlock the secret cup.

It's kind of a nuisance to get unless you enjoy these battles, but the Keyblade is worth using even if it's not the best that the game has to offer with it having +14 strength, +12 magic, and a length of 113.

8/10 Fenrir - Kingdom Hearts 2

Kingdom Hearts: 10 Best Keyblades In The Series, Ranked (3)

Fenrir in Kingdom Hearts 2 has one of the highest strength stats. Its stats come out to +7 strength and a +1 magic power. The way to get this will be by defeating Sephiroth which is the hardest boss in the game. The fight is a true test of might as players will need to be at an extremely high level and be well-equipped to take him out.

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All the combos that the weapon does will be reduced by one attack because of its negative combo ability, but its high damage output makes it not matter as enemies will be taken down easily. That also won't matter since there won't be much else to fight after Sephiroth.

7/10 Royal Radiance - Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix

Kingdom Hearts: 10 Best Keyblades In The Series, Ranked (4)

The Royal Radiance Keyblade is one of the most beautiful Keyblades in its design that is in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix. It looks like it is pulsating with light energy and the design comes to life when it's wielded. It is the best Keyblade in the game as it boosts the player's strength by 8 points and their magic by 7. It's also long, has a 75% critical damage rate, and fills up the player's command gauge quickly.

The only bad part about it is that it's kind of useless since players unlock it after having beat the hardest boss in the game.

6/10 Lion Heart - Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts: 10 Best Keyblades In The Series, Ranked (5)

The Lion Heart Keyblade from the first Kingdom Hearts game is one that a lot of players will remember as it's unlocked mid to late game and does quite a bit of damage. It has +10 strength and +1 magic power, but it also raises a player's max amount of mana which scales the party's magical damage in this game.

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The Keyblade can be unlocked by players defeating Leon and Cloud in the Hades cup. These are not the most difficult fights in the game but put up a challenge for unprepared players. The Keyblade is also one of the most useful if unlocked early enough in a player's journey.

5/10 Unbound - Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

Kingdom Hearts: 10 Best Keyblades In The Series, Ranked (6)

The Unbound Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance is enjoyable to get as players must complete the secret portals with Riku and Sora to unlock it for each respective character. The portals are fairly enjoyable as they have the player revisit boss fights yet make them more challenging.

The Keyblade isn't the prettiest that the game has to offer, but it does some amazing damage with +18 strength, +14 magic, and a 30% critical rate which is not too shabby at all.

4/10 Void Gear - Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

Kingdom Hearts: 10 Best Keyblades In The Series, Ranked (7)

Void gear in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is a Black and White version of Vanitas' Keyblade that adds +8 strength and +4 magic damage. This Keyblade can be unlocked by every single character in the game. For players to unlock the Keyblade they will have to fight Remnant Vanitas. This fight is not what it seems like initially as it looks as though it'll be extremely easy since Remnant Vanitas will only have one health bar. This is a ruse as he deals massive amounts of damage.

The Keyblade has one of the best-looking designs in the game as its aesthetic looks evil in nature yet draws attention when presented immediately. It's also one of the most useful Keyblades in the game when it comes to putting out good attack damage.

3/10 Decisive Pumpkin - Kingdom Hearts 2

Kingdom Hearts: 10 Best Keyblades In The Series, Ranked (8)

It's interesting as this is probably the second most powerful Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 2 but the Keyblade is unlocked easily by players needing to kill a boss that appears when they visit the Halloween Town world for the second time in the game. The Keyblade has a good strength stat of +6 and a low magic stat of +1.

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The best thing about the Keyblade is the Combo Boost ability. This makes it so that with every ground combo hit that Sora does the last one will deal extra damage. It can be combined with other Combo Plus abilities that will make it do big damage.

2/10 Classic Tone - Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts: 10 Best Keyblades In The Series, Ranked (9)

The Classic Tone in Kingdom Hearts 3 is pretty fun to get as it involves the players searching for the different Classic Kingdom games and setting a high score for them. The great thing is that a specific high score requirement does not need to be met. All players need to do is open up each mini-game and see what it has in store. They can force themselves to lose and still unlock this Keyblade if they play all of them.

The Classic Tone is the best magic Keyblade in this game--even better than the Ultima Keyblade--with +11 strength and +14 magic power. Its form change is also really cool as it turns into a Boom Hammer and Clock Drill.

1/10 The Ultima Weapon - Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts: 10 Best Keyblades In The Series, Ranked (10)

Kingdom Hearts 3 made the best Ultima Weapon Keyblade that the entire series has ever had. Unlocking this Keyblade feels like a giant mission, but instead of it only involving the collection of synthesized materials there are a lot of different mini-games and challenges that players are going to have to complete.

The Keyblade has +13 strength and +13 magic damage making it the most powerful in terms of its strength. The Ultimate form change is also awesome as players will feel like they have deity like Keyblade controlling powers.

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