Funny Google Maps Photos (2023)

With 7+ billion people in the world, there's lots we have yet to discover. Luckily, that's where Google comes into play. From hilarious prank wars to unexpected animal encounters, enjoy these candid moments caught on camera...

Stop, Drop & Roll

No need to stop, drop and roll: this Russian bear was captured enjoying his latest catch off of the Southern coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula. And from the looks of it? He looks rather... content.

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But it's actually no coincidence we caught our furry friend lounging in Kurile Lake. The cratered body of water is actually famous for its rich stock of wildlife - more specifically, salmon. Nonetheless, this Google street view certainly didn't disappoint - and there's more fun where that came from. Keep scrolling...

An Unexpected Flock

Whether they're going #2 on our windshields or waking us up in the morning with their coos, we've all had our fair share of pigeons - haven't we? Nevertheless, something tells us most of us have never encountered them like this before. So many questions...

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This rare sighting was captured on the sidewalk along Japan's Tamagawa-josui. And while this might look like something out of a horror movie, we should probably mention that an art school is located nearby. Did we just stumble across a live exhibit? Or perhaps are we just trying to ease the nightmares that'll be haunting us tonight?


Tea Time

Not quite sure what we're looking at? Don't worry, neither were we. This... strange picture was captured in Iceland's southern region of Selfoss - famous for its waterfalls, beaches, and impromptu tea time. Though based on those storm clouds? That's one tea party we'd rather be absent for.

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While we can't quite say what prompted the jokesters behind this picture to set up such a spread, we've got a feeling they know how to have a fun time - rain or shine. Just like our next diner, who took horsing around a little too seriously. And we're so glad they did...


Horsing Around

Why the long face? We wonder if this guy knows his little brunch outing landed him a coveted spot on our list. Perhaps his date was a no-show? Or maybe he's bummed he ended up with a banana instead of apples. Whatever the case may be, this horse certainly put a smile on our faces.

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This unexpected sighting was taken off the island of Victoria in the Canadian province of British Columbia. And while perhaps we'll never know the real story behind his little picnic, we've got a feeling it was a spur of the moment kind of thing (had to).


Sea Monster

Forget Loch Ness. This mysterious sea monster is reason enough to keep us out of that California water. Though from the looks of that picture below, it doesn't seem that any other beachgoers are too concerned here. Talk about living in La La Land...

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While this picture was probably none other than another prankster looking for a quick laugh, we can't help but appreciate his dedication to the cause. I mean, just think how much seaweed in all of those unwanted places he's going to be washing off later...


"I Do"

Two roundtrip tickets to Italy: $1,000+. A shiny diamond ring for the bride-to-be: $5,000+. Capturing the big moment on google's street view? Priceless. While this couple's snap might not classify as "funny," well, how could we not feature the special moment on our list?

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Our only complaint here is that we didn't get to see the events that followed this heartwarming moment. Here's to hoping our clueless girlfriend said "yes!" - well, that, and that she took the sparkly ring off before taking a dip in the inviting water.


Ninja Cat

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but as far as this feline's concerned? We certainly wouldn't get on his bad side. One glance at this hilarious picture below, and we can't help but pity the helpless residents who thought they could stand a chance against the little firecracker.

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Safe to say, that's one catfight we certainly wouldn't want to be a part of. And while purr-haps we'll never know how this standoff truly ended, well, do we really need to? Our money's on the four-legged instigator who got busted on Google's street view.


Batman to the Rescue

Did Halloween come early this year, or is Bruce Wayne really patrolling the streets now? Perhaps that's something we'll never know. What we do know, though, is that this candid picture captured in Valenciennes, France was simply too amusing to not share.

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After all, how many times do we get to catch superheroes working the streets of Europe? Keeping bad guys off of the streets never looked better. Though, given the location of this picture, we can't help but wonder if our runner simply caught a whiff from a local bakery... Bon Appétit?

Chuck-E's Day Off

Chuck-E-Cheese: home of children birthday parties, group events, and now, our future nightmares. Safe to say, catching this sighting during our morning commute would certainly give us a good scare. Then again, who are we to judge? For all we know, we just caught Chuck-E on his own way to work.

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In all seriousness, this hilarious picture was captured in Orange, California. And we'd be lying if we said we weren't feeling very intrigued right about now. Anyone up for a road trip around the West Coast? Maybe our next driver can help us out with that one. Go ahead, keep scrolling.


Need a Ride?

Nothing to see here, just a man and his friend taking their tractor out for the latest joy ride. And from the looks of it, we certainly wouldn't mind catching a ride. From the lush greens to the seemingly peaceful surroundings, everything about this looks very... neighborly.

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Though, based on our riders' mannerism, something tells us this might make for the safest choice of transportation. Seriously, that guy is holding on for dear life. And if there's one thing to take away from the entire exchange: folks, don't try this at home. Well, that, and, what landscaping wizard is responsible for that lawn?


That's Gonna Leave a Mark

Yep, that can't be good. To the poor customers on the receiving end of those FedEx packages? We've got a feeling those deliveries will be "In Transit" slightly longer than anticipated. As for the poor driver on the receiving end of that accident? Well, allow us to shed some friendly advice...

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Those road signs are there for a reason, buddy. Thankfully, despite underestimating the height of that underpass, it seems that nobody was harmed in this collision. And while accidents are never a laughing matter, we can't help but feel slightly amused that Google managed to capture the messy exchange.


Hit the Dab

Remember when "dabbing" was a thing? Don't worry, neither do we. But from the looks of that picture below, it seems we might just be the only ones who never jumped on that 2015 bandwagon. But if, by some chance, there's any confusion, allow us to explain...

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This candid (?) moment was caught on the streets of Poland's port city of Gdańsk. And while it might look like these teens are politely sneezing into their sleeves, well, that's where we'd be wrong. The humorous bunch is actually channeling a viral dance move that we're more than happy to leave in the past...


Clowning Around

Sure, cramming an abnormal amount of people into one car is scary enough. But this clown car might just be more startling than any other, considering, you know, we've got the clown but not the car... So many questions here. Where are his friends? Maybe he's late to the circus?

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Whatever the case may be, this unusual sighting was captured in Mexico's small state of Tlaxcala. And while the region is famous for its historical attractions, such as Plaza de TorosJorge"El Ranchero"Aguilar, this amusing clown is reason enough to take a trip south of the border.


Sheep Crossing

Why did the driver cross the road? To get the sheep to the other side. This amusing moment might not be something we see every day, but for folks halfway across the world? "Just your typical google street view lol,"one user joked in the 'Only In New Zealand' Facebook group.

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Back in 2009, Google captured this unforgettable snap after a flock of sheep went running loose on the roads of Lowther, Southland. While we hope our agitated farmer managed to successfully gather his herd, we'd be lying if we said we weren't feeling very amused right about now.


Mother Dearest?

While this next exchange is more heartwarming than it is humorous, it certainly put a smile on our faces. As for the background behind the sweet moment? From the looks of it, this mother-daughter-duo was having a little reunion on the streets when Google captured them.

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Safe to say, it's moments like these that make Google's watchful eye every bit worth it. We've got a feeling these two will look back on this documented moment with nothing but fond memories. And so will we. Unless that's not the child's mother, in which case, this photo is very alarming.


Monkey Business

Ever wanted to sightsee throughout East Asia? We've got a feeling this next picture will convince you to take the plunge (see what we did there?). These adorable little guys were caught taking a dip in one of Japan's nature reserves. And, well, monkeying around has never been cuter...

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Lucky for us, we can actually join in on the fun. This Google snap was taken at the Joshinetsu-Kogen NationalPark, where visitors can pay to watch wild monkeys bathe in natural hot springs. Yes, really. Anyone else suddenly interested in a trip to Japan?


a Royal Ride

Meghan? Harry? Is that you? Sorry to disappoint, folks, but no, it's not. While the hilarious sighting was indeed captured in the United Kingdom, that's about the only thing that ties it to our Royal family. As for what special riders sit inside that carriage?

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Shortly after tying the knot, a pair of newlyweds decided to embark on their next chapter in the most dreamy (and slightly over-the-top) way possible. Talk about riding in style. We wish our Mr. and Mrs. a happily ever after! And hey, when you get back from your honeymoon, we'd love to carpool sometime.


Pool Party for 4

There's nothing better than going for a quick dip when that summer heat gets too unbearable. Look no further than this happy family, who were caught cooling off in their yard in Harcourt, Ontario. And by happy family, we mean group of mannequins, because, well, why not?

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As for what compelled someone to set up an impromptu pool party for a slew of life-sized dummies? Your guess is as good as ours. But what we can say, is that this Google street view certainly brightened our day. And we'd love an invite next time around.



As Buzz Mill's website proudly states, the Austin, Texas bar "is a community-driven brand that also serves coffee, beer and a good place to relax for its neighborwoods." But it also serves some quality laughs, as that picture below perfectly proves.

Funny Google Maps Photos (37)Funny Google Maps Photos (38)

The staff behind this beloved hangout decided to pull a fast one on Google maps when it came to documenting their eatery. And while they may have gotten the last laugh here, we're a bit concerned for our fellow human diners. Does anyone have eyes on Goldilocks?


Bird Presents

Warning: objects in mirror are closer than they appear. This, um, unexpected moment was captured by Google after a flock of birds had a little too much to eat over on Hollywood boulevard. Talk about a sticky situation... Does anyone else see the optical illusion here?

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If we didn't know any better, we might have thought this Los Angeles building was exploding. Fortunately, that's not what's going on here. Unfortunately, the bird droppings clouding that Google camera are all too real. But hey, it happens to the best of us...


Horse On the Loose

No, this isn't the same picnic-goer we spotted earlier over in Canada - but we may have just found his missing date. This hilarious exchange was captured thousands of miles away, on the scenic streets of Italy. We wonder if he/she was looking for Old Town Road...

Funny Google Maps Photos (41)Funny Google Maps Photos (42)

All jokes aside, we're glad to see that spirits remain high no matter where the road takes Google. Just ask our next traveler, who certainly put a smile on our faces after taking quite an unexpected traveler along for the ride. Tread lightly, folks...


Happy Feet

We don't know what to address first: the bicyclist, his +1, or the casual nature of the entire ordeal. It's almost as if this guy wasn't taking his pet penguin out for a joyride on his unicycle. And just when we thought we'd seen it all, gems like this come along and remind us otherwise.

Funny Google Maps Photos (43)Funny Google Maps Photos (44)

While we'd like to think this documented exchange is nothing more than another hilarious prankster, eager to put a smile on our faces, well, all odds are off are at this point. We've seen dining bears, sun-bathing mannequins, and trust us when we say the surprises aren't done just yet.


The Ultimate Duel

What did we tell ya? As our next picture perfectly proves, Google's street view is full of many, many surprises. That is, unless two friends hashing it out in hazmat suits seems normal to you, in which case, nothing to see here. But if by some chance you're as confused as we are?

Funny Google Maps Photos (45)Funny Google Maps Photos (46)

Well, we're sorry to disappoint, but we still have yet to provide a proper explanation here. And this isn't the first time these Norwegian troublemakers left us scratching our heads. Back in 2010, the pair gained widespread fame after lounging in full scuba gear on the streets of Norway. Old habits die hard?


Throwing Shade

This hilarious group certainly knows how to keep things light. And we're here for it. In fact, don't quote us on this one, but we might just be looking at IKEA's upcoming Fall collection. This Google gem was captured in Sweden - a.k.a, the birthplace of the famed furniture empire.

Funny Google Maps Photos (47)Funny Google Maps Photos (48)

Granted, we'd probably be running for the hills if we stumbled across this sighting while walking the Stockholm streets at night. But given the fact that Google maps documented it for us? We can't help but throw shade at the entertaining deed. Same goes for our next group of pranksters...


Trick or Treat?

Either it's already October 31st, or Comic Con came early this year. Actually, we're dealing with neither of the above. This confusing exchange was captured at a bar in Scotland back in June 2009, and we've only come up with 2 plausible explanations here.

Funny Google Maps Photos (49)Funny Google Maps Photos (50)

Either we didn't get the dress-code memo, or our unfazed costume-goers had a wee bit too much to drink at their local pub. Whatever the case may be, we certainly applaud their courage. I mean, dressing up in skin-tight spandex in the middle of a Scottish winter? That's brave.


No Ruff Days

What? You don't lug your dog around in a personalized shopping cart? Safe to say, this pampered pooch is living the good life. We bet he eats only the finest kibble and sleeps in only Egyptian cotton. In fact, we certainly wouldn't mind swapping places for a day (or two).

Funny Google Maps Photos (51)Funny Google Maps Photos (52)

Then again, can we really blame his generous owner? After all, dogs are a man's best friend. And while we probably wouldn't wheel our 60+ pound Golden Retrievers around a winding shopping promenade, we love to see the bond these two clearly possess.


Caught in Action

Curious what's going on here? It appears we're not the only ones. This amusing stranger was busy poking his head where it didn't belong when he got caught by Google's street cam. We wonder if he knows his face - well, half of it, at least - is famous.

Funny Google Maps Photos (53)Funny Google Maps Photos (54)

Either way, perhaps we can all learn a thing or two from the hilarious moment - captured in Chicago, Illinois: One, when life throws obstacles our way, maybe it's not always best to face them head-on. Two, this guy might want to get his prescription checked.


1 With Nature

Hey, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. As a matter of fact, we've got a feeling our oblivious bathroom-goer wasn't aware his, um, dirty deed, was busy being documented by Google for the entire world's amusement. And we thought we were having a rough day...

Funny Google Maps Photos (55)Funny Google Maps Photos (56)

The amusing exchange was caught off a deserted road in Hungary's scenic village of Nagydobos. Perhaps next time he hits the road, he might want to take it easy on the water. Then again, with a view that breathtaking? Public bathrooms have never looked better.


McDonalds vs. Wendys

We see what you did there, McDonald's. In fact, so does the entire online world. This hilarious picture was captured by Google, and there are only 3 words that come to mind right about now: We're lovin' it. Though, we can't promise Wendy's feels the same.

Funny Google Maps Photos (57)Funny Google Maps Photos (58)

For decades, the rivaling eateries have been competing for the #1 spot on top of the fast-food chain (literally). And while we'll let you guys be the judge of that one, we can probably all agree that McDonald's convenient billboard won this battle. McDonald's: 1. Wendy's: 0.


Prank Wars

And who said TPing was only limited to front lawns? This unlucky driver found out the hard way that there's more than one use for 2-ply toilet paper. And we certainly wouldn't want to be behind those wheels right about now. Let the prank wars commence.

Funny Google Maps Photos (59)Funny Google Maps Photos (60)

From shady billboards to sedans ambushed by TP, we've officially seen it all. For now, at least. That being said, we wouldn't go anywhere just yet. With over 7 billion people on our planet, who knows what else awaits us? We've got a feeling the fun is just getting started...


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