Bathroom trends for 2022 - everything you need to know (2023)

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Having a beautifully designed, stylish bathroom can make all the difference in your life - after all, it's one of the first and last places you go to each day. Discovering bathroom trends can make choosing which style of room is right for your and your home.

Bathroom ideas - from materials and finishes to colours and patterns, are ever-evolving, and 2022 is no exception with its wonderful array of of the moment trends.

'Last year became a year of reflection – a year of understanding what means most to us and our lives,' says Hege Lundh, Marketing Director, Lundhs Real Stone (opens in new tab). 'This notion extended into homes, making homeowners rethink everything from material choices to style decisions. As we look ahead to 2022, we will start to see the outcome of the re-evaluations of the years.'

Bathroom trends

'Following a year of unrest and uncertainty, people have started to gain back confidence and positivity, in everyday life and in our homes,' Oliver Webb, Director at Cullifords (opens in new tab).

'This shift towards a more optimistic mindset has started to be echoed in our design choices. Brave, individual style statements are being made and a desire for warm tones and comforting shapes is prevailing in bathroom trends.'

1. Rounded shapes

Bathroom trends for 2022 - everything you need to know (1)

(Image credit: Lundhs)

'Harsh, sharp lines will start to be replaced by smoother curves and silhouettes as we seek a more organic and less stark appeal in interiors,' says Hege from Lundhs Real Stone. 'We embrace nature in the form of raw, organic surfaces and products.'

'This will be demonstrated through the increased use of 100% natural materials, from natural stone worktops to sustainable flooring and even cabinetry,' continues Hege. 'As our attention is progressively turned towards our planet and the environment, our buying habits are continuing to become more eco-conscious, and this shows no sign of waning.'

Cullifords' Oliver agrees. 'Overall, everything is becoming less angular,' he says. 'Linked, I think, to the desire to create more welcoming interiors, we are noticing softer flowing lines.'

Even your bathroom storage ideas can integrate into this trend, by choosing cabinetry with smooth, rounded edges and softly curved baskets.

2. Marble surfaces

Bathroom trends for 2022 - everything you need to know (2)

(Image credit: Heritage Brass)

'Achieve a subtle statement in 2022 with the trend for marble bathroom ideas with white and grey shades used to create more luxurious schemes,' says Narendra Karnani, Managing Director, Heritage Brass by M.Marcus (opens in new tab).

'Create a feeling of opulence with door hardware and electrical accessories that contrast against the marble tones, or opt for a coordinated look with cabinet hardware that matches with the marble veining.'

3. Natural colours

Bathroom trends for 2022 - everything you need to know (3)

(Image credit: Villeroy & Boch)

'A trend on the increase is green bathroom ideas, whether this being in the form of plants, feature tiles, botanical wallpaper or even artificial moss walls,' says David Garner, Retail and E-Commerce Manager for the UK Bathroom & Wellness Division at Villeroy and Boch (opens in new tab). 'Green evokes a natural sense of harmony and peace so no wonder it is beginning to grow within designs as the bathroom is that one room of escape for many family members.'

It's not only earthy greens taking over - any of the main colourways inspired by nature will be seen in bathrooms this year. 'Calming and optimistic colours are set to take the interior industry by storm,' says Emma Joyce, Brand Manager at House of Rohl (opens in new tab). 'With off whites, gentle sages and warm blues, 2022 seems to be continuing the theme of making our homes cosy and comforting.'

'Furthermore, we anticipate that natural hues with brown tones and warm greens will also take the spotlight as the desire to maintain our newfound love affair with the outdoors remains.'

4. Aged brass

Bathroom trends for 2022 - everything you need to know (4)

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(Image credit: Matki)

When working out how to plan a bathroom, finishes can often get left until the, well, finish. In fact, they have such an impact on the overall look and feel of the space that they should be a major consideration from the beginning.

In terms of bathroom trends, there is one major stand out. 'Aged Brass is one of the biggest home design material trends to emerge in recent years,' says Nicholas Cunild, Managing Director at Matki (opens in new tab) and Swadling Brassware (opens in new tab). 'Aged Brass adds instant warmth to a minimal scheme. Offering the perfect contrast for tiled bathrooms and an elegant edge to classic marble bathrooms, aged brass works in almost any bathroom scheme.'

'The finish is achieved by chemically advancing the ageing process of brass to give a bronze look. It is unlacquered and will develop over time, wearing and lightening in some areas, darkening in others, dependent on the environment it’s in and it’s cleaning and maintenance.'

5. Sustainability

Bathroom trends for 2022 - everything you need to know (5)

(Image credit: Industville)

As with so many areas of our lives and homes, sustainability is a natural trend leaning into the year ahead.

'These days, people think more about how much we waste, bringing thoughts for the environment to the forefront of our minds,' says Marketa Rypacek, Managing Director, Industville Ltd (opens in new tab). 'Customers are keen to use sustainable and eco-friendly materials wherever possible including bathroom flooring, sanitaryware and lighting.'

'We are seeing big increases in customers opting for custom-made lighting pieces made from sustainable materials and I believe this is something we are likely to see more of. These pieces have a quality, handmade feel which will stand the test of time, further adding to feelings of longevity and sustainability.'

6. Industrial elements

Bathroom trends for 2022 - everything you need to know (6)

(Image credit: Kinedo)

As popular as natural colours, materials and textures will be in bathroom trends for 2022, industrial detailing is predicted to go strong.

Crittal shower doors and exposed pipework are two of the ways this is most commonly used in the home. 'A black frame can coordinate with a matt black shower valve, overhead rain shower head and elegant handset,' says Ann Boardman, Head of Marketing and Product Management at Saniflo (opens in new tab) and Kinedo (opens in new tab).

'Internal glass panels and a low threshold tray make this a stunning combination. Alternatively, a Smart Design bi-fold door or single pivot door can give the industrial look but also create the perfect illusion of space within small bathroom ideas.'

7. Monochrome

Bathroom trends for 2022 - everything you need to know (7)

(Image credit: BC Designs)

When considering how to design the space, monochrome never makes the list of things you should never do when choosing a bathroom.

'There’s a good reason why this trend comes around year after year,' says Phil Etherden, MD, The Albion Bath Co Ltd (opens in new tab). 'A classic black or white freestanding bath will never go out of style, while a simple monochrome colour palette is sleek and sophisticated. It also doesn’t date as quickly than many of the latest colour trends. Black and white one of the easiest looks to pull off effectively, as well as being easy to live with and to adapt to your taste.'

'Striking, strong, sleek, matt black is a modern classic and is fast becoming a real alternative to chrome within interior design,' adds Katie Fitzpatrick at Merlyn Showers (opens in new tab). 'If you want a more striking finish with a bold focal point, then matt black shower frames and fixtures can achieve this with warmer tones of grey against the crisp white of the ceramics.'

8. Wet rooms and walk-in showers

Bathroom trends for 2022 - everything you need to know (8)

(Image credit: Mermaid Panels)

'Wet rooms and large walk in showers were once reserved for plush hotels and ultra-modern homes, however, they’re growing in demand as we become more confident with our design choices,' says Helen Dennett, UK Marketing Communications Manager at Mermaid Panels (opens in new tab). 'Homeowners are reclaiming the bathroom as another living space in the home as opposed to being a purely practical room, and instead dedicating more space to a luxury shower area that puts the focus on wellness and relaxation.'

'Led by the trend for minimalism and clean lines, walk-in showers and wet rooms lend themselves to this trend through creating more of an open feel to a room. Removing the bathtub opens up the room and can add a real wow factor.'

'As more people want to maximise their bathroom space, it looks like many will prioritise the practicality of wet rooms and showers over baths,' agrees Paul at Sanctuary Bathrooms (opens in new tab). 'More people are choosing to go for walk-in showers and wet rooms over baths, while also moving away from smaller cubicles to much bigger and larger enclosures.'

Bathroom trends from 2021 still going strong

1. The stand-alone tub

Bathroom trends for 2022 - everything you need to know (9)

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(Image credit: Clearwater)

After the stresses of last year, creating spa-like serenity at home has never been more important. Statement baths are key with the focus on clean lines, sculptural shapes and aesthetically-pleasing design.

‘A freestanding bath creates an opulent atmosphere, reminiscent of boutique hotels, and makes bathing a luxury,’ says interior designer Carla Chases (opens in new tab).

‘But when choosing a freestanding bath, you really need to consider both the size of your bathroom and the look you’re aiming to achieve. Back-to-wall baths can still give that luxe look, but in a compact space.’

2. Clean lines

Bathroom trends for 2022 - everything you need to know (10)

(Image credit: Britton)

‘Thanks to recent advances in manufacturing, we’re seeing a rise in longer, straight edges and harder corners which work really well in a contemporary bathroom,’ says Lauren Foulds, project manager at Heritage Bathrooms (opens in new tab). ‘Although in a more traditional space, curved edges on statement pieces offer a softer look.’

3. Subtle pops of colour

Bathroom trends for 2022 - everything you need to know (11)

(Image credit: Lusso Stone)

Coloured sanitary-ware has made a firm comeback and is great for injecting personality into what can be a clinical space, but bathroom designers recommend caution if considering a colour.

‘I wouldn’t advise a complete colour overload, as bold colours tend to date quite quickly,’ says Carla Chases, ‘but a coloured feature sink in a soft shade can look lovely. My advice would be to opt for white sanitary-ware, then have fun with tiling and painting.’

4. Supersized marble

(Image credit: Cosentino)

Marble is enjoy a moment in the spotlight with it being used in abundance in bolder slab-style applications. For a timeless look, go for large-format bathroom tiles, so there will be fewer grout lines and you’ll achieve a cleaner, more luxurious look.

5. Colour-happy tiles

Bathroom trends for 2022 - everything you need to know (13)

(Image credit: Real Stone & Tile)

While basins and baths have steered away from bold colour this season, this certainly isn’t the case when it comes to bathroom tiles.

‘Following a year where people were forced to spend so much time at home, more and more of us are going for bold, says Lauren Foulds. ‘Forgetting the neutral “show home” look and making our homes our own. Colourful bathroom tiles can really help achieve this.’

'Don’t worry about trends, just have fun with bold colour and playful patterns,’ says Carla Chases. ‘Hexagon or metro tiles laid in a herringbone pattern are a great way of adding personality with plainer tiles.’

6. Streamlined storage

Bathroom trends for 2022 - everything you need to know (14)

(Image credit: Scavolini)

With clean lines and sleek shapes a big trend, storage follows the same lead with built-in vanity units, floating shelving and bespoke bathroom cabinetry a key look this season.

Avoid placing lots of small pieces of freestanding storage around a bathroom. It always ends up looking messy and cluttered. If you’re looking to update sanitary-ware, swap a pedestal basin for a vanity unit. floor-hung fittings looks neater and with the extra storage, surfaces stay clutter-free.

7. Low-level lighting

Bathroom trends for 2022 - everything you need to know (15)

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(Image credit: Ripples)

‘Dimmers are a hugely popular bathroom trend right now,’ says Carla Chases, ‘as are some form of PIR sensor lights. These are generally low-level lighting that turn on automatically when you enter the bathroom – fantastic for night-time visits as you don’tfumble for the switch.’

Bathroom lighting ideas are all about creating an experience,’ says Lauren Foulds, ‘but something as simple as an illuminated mirror can have a big impact. It casts a subtler glow than a harsh overhead light and can help to create a tranquil atmosphere.’

8. A shower AND a bath

Bathroom trends for 2022 - everything you need to know (16)

(Image credit: Mermaid Panels)

Walk-in showers are ever-popular and remain a great solution for compact bathrooms and en-suites, maximising the floor space available while adding a touch of luxury.

However, always consider how much value does a bathroom add before ditching your bath completely. Most future buyers, particularly those with young families, will want (and need) a property with at least one bath.

‘Following the pandemic, customers are looking at self-care and wellness in a new light, and with the variety of fitted and freestanding bath sizes available, a small tub shouldn’t be ruled out if you are partial to a relaxing soak,' adds Lauren Foulds.

9. Biophilic design

Bathroom trends for 2022 - everything you need to know (17)

(Image credit: Dekton)

Biophilic design – the notion of creating a connection between the natural world and our interiors – remains a popular concept and particularly in the bathroom as a space for wellness.

Give some thought to making best use of natural light in a bathroom. For those taking on an extension or loft conversion project, consider adding a skylight directly above a shower or bath for a glimpse of the sky, without (hopefully) compromising privacy.

10. Sumptuous dark colours

Bathroom trends for 2022 - everything you need to know (18)

(Image credit: Drummonds)

Rich dark walls have long been the norm in bedrooms and living rooms, but now it's the bathroom's turn to take a walk on the dark side. Dip your toe into the trend with a shower outfitted in sumptuous navy tiles, or be bold and fill the entire bathroom with rich greens and blues.

'Bathrooms are one of the few places in the house where you can get away with strong, vivid tones which might be over-the-top in other rooms,' explains James Lentaigne, Creative Director for Drummonds (opens in new tab). 'Maximalism is very much on-trend with more and more people experimenting with bold patterns and bright colours.'

The rich colours go perfectly with this seasons other trend for brass and metallic finishings creating a luxurious look.

11. Supersized tiles

Bathroom trends for 2022 - everything you need to know (19)

(Image credit: Topps Tiles)

We're going big on the bathroom tiles this year. 'Large format tiles offer a striking appearance that's guarantee to turn your head you enter the room,' says Harriet Goodacre, brand communications manager and tile consultant at Topps Tiles (opens in new tab). 'Their considerable size proves a spacious feel to the space thanks to minimal grout lines.'

Embracing large tiles doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on style or colour, however marble is particularly striking when creating a minimalist look.

'There's plenty of variety in large format porcelain tiles as they are available in multiple effects, such as iconic types of marble,' says Harriet. 'Coloured marble can provide greater variety such s emerald trees or an indulgent black.'

12. Wooden finishes

Bathroom trends for 2022 - everything you need to know (20)

(Image credit: Ashton and Bentley)

(Video) Bathroom Trends And Ideas Everyone Should Avoid!

If you aren't a fan of dark moody rooms, the trend for natural textures is continuing to grow. 'The establishment of stripped-back, sawn and treated grains is set to expand from the wider home into bathrooms in a big ways,' explains Edward Carey, managing director at Ashton & Bentley (opens in new tab).

'Bringing the outdoors in, hand-crafted woods create a peaceful, tranquil surrounding, which perfectly suits the proposed of a bathroom space.'

Complete the look by pairing the natural wood with a freestanding bath for a spa-like feel.

13. Calm sanctuary

Bathroom trends for 2022 - everything you need to know (21)

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Our bathrooms are not just for washing your hair anymore. It's time to embrace spa bathroom trends and everything that goes with it. Building on the mindfulness trend, kit your bathroom out with all the accessories to create a soothing environment that you will want to linger in.

Embrace a neutral colour scheme with pops of green house plants. Accessorise with candles, crystals and a wooden stool for lounging around on. But no spa-throom would be complete without the must-have bathroom accessory trend the bath tray, perfect for balancing a cup of tea and all your bath time essentials.

14. Black ceramics

Bathroom trends for 2022 - everything you need to know (22)

(Image credit: Burlington)

It isn't just our bathroom walls that are turning to the dark side this year, so are our sinks and bathtubs. If you are a fan of a period bathroom, this is the perfect update.

'Period-style bathrooms remain as popular as ever with consumers as a timeless, classic choice for some many different homes,' explains Faye Froy, marketing manager at Burlington (opens in new tab).

'The new trend for black bathroom ceramics allows customers to add a contemporary twist on a traditional bathroom aesthetic. Bold and dramatic, this daring shade is guaranteed to add opulence to any bathroom interior.'

15. Blue sanitaryware

Bathroom trends for 2022 - everything you need to know (23)

(Image credit: CP Hart)

Don't be bland – be bold! Use bright bathroom colour schemes to add a splash of character. Coloured baths and basins are coming back for bathroom trends, but in bolder shades than 1970s avocado, adding a sense of drama and luxury.

'What’s set to turn our heads is the emergence of blue sanitaryware as a cool alternative to white,' says CP Hart (opens in new tab)'s Rachel Martin. 'Look out for powdery blue baths, basins and WCs teamed with polished chrome or gold taps.'

'Clean white furniture anchors the trend and is particularly striking when finished with marble door fronts or textured stone surfaces.'

16. Bathroom wallpaper

Bathroom trends for 2022 - everything you need to know (24)

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Giles)

Cheaper than tiling,bathroom wallpaper ideas can add stunning colour and take plain white tiles to a whole new level. To make sure you're on the bathroom trends mark, avoid papering directly behind a bath or basin and try sealing the paper with a matt decorator's varnish.

What are the 2022 bathroom trends?

There are a number of new and exciting bathroom trends hitting the scene for 2022. One of the biggest has to be a return to nature, which can be seen in a natural materials, finishes and colours.

'Perhaps as a consequence of spending more time in the home and wanting to create more inviting aesthetics, colour trends have become warmer - inspired by nature and natural textures,' says Oliver from Cullifords. 'Surface materials are smoother, more matte in texture and less sleek, working with design schemes to deliver spaces that feel warm and comforting where they may have previously felt more stark.'

'Our interest in organic materials and shapes has led to an uplift in smoother textures,' adds Hege from Lundhs Real Stone. 'More structured, matte finishes are becoming the preferred choice for designers and homeowners. We are noticing a shift towards more tactile and smoother textures, from hard surfaces like worktops and splashbacks to homeware and accessories.

The other notable trend has to be the gentle move away from baths in the realm of showers. 'We’re expecting to see an increase in level access and wet room sales in 2022,' says Nick Graville, Sales & Marketing Director at Kudos Showers (opens in new tab). 'Wet floors or wet rooms are a great way of maximising the space that you have available and enable you to completely change the look and feel of your bathroom.'

What are the bathroom colours for 2022?

Current bathroom trends definitely impact colour choices, and the natural touch is seen here, too. 'I think that we will see neutral palettes coupled with natural finishes and bold accessories continue well into 2022 – marble, slate and wood are going to continue to feature heavily,' says Nick at Kudos Showers.

Hege Lundh agrees. 'Emerging from our ongoing desire to bring the outdoors inside, natural colourways and earthy shades will continue to dominate in kitchens next year. From deep olive and sage green painted walls paired with dark cabinetry to warmer surfaces like natural stone, earthy colours show no sign of wavering in popularity. Teamed with wooden accents and warm metallic touches, homeowners and designers are increasingly favouring natural palettes and finishes for the heart of the home.'


In fact, colour in general is itself a bathroom trend for the year ahead. 'There’s been a definite rise in homeowners wishing to bring colour into their bathroom,' says Emma Joyce from House of Rohl. There has been a shift away from utilitarian white bathrooms into those with a little more colour and personality to them, and we anticipate that this trend will continue well into 2022.'


What is the trend for bathroom 2022? ›

Terracotta & Earth tones

Ranging from the lightest shades of apricot and clay, through to burnt orange and deep brick, all shades of terracotta are becoming popular in bathroom spaces. With variations in paint, tiles and accessories, touches of terracotta will continue to develop into 2022.

What is the latest trend in bathroom fixtures? ›

1. Updated Sinks and Touchless Faucets. According to the Houzz 2021 bath trends report, faucets are the most popular bath upgrade, and their counterpart, sinks, are seeing more switch-outs since the year before.

Are GREY bathrooms out of style? ›

Grey is a practical yet stylish option with many positive design effects. It lets colour shine, flatters period features, works with stone and marble textures and instantly makes any setting look contemporary. But most importantly it's a colour which won't go out of fashion and this is ideal for bathrooms...

What bathroom finishes are timeless? ›

Bright, white colors are always timeless. You can use a hint of ivory or even an eggshell white, but using whites will keep your bathroom relevant. Trendy or bold colors will go out of style quickly. If you do want splashes of color, use your decor and accent pieces to bring in that design aspect.

What is the 2022 color for bathroom? ›

Warm earth tones are one of the biggest 2022 trending bathroom colors as a result of these two design shifts. You can't go wrong with wood-look and stone-look tile in these shades. Instead of cooler neutrals such as whites and grays, try out cozier earthy tile tones such as cream, beige, terracotta, and taupe.

What colors are in style for a bathroom 2022? ›

6 Best Bathroom Paint Colors for 2022
  • Bold black. While black and white bathrooms are a traditional favorite, black typically took the backseat as the secondary color. ...
  • Soothing blues. ...
  • Earthy greens. ...
  • Beige neutrals. ...
  • Bold jewel tones. ...
  • Clean white.

What is the most popular finish for bathroom fixtures 2022? ›

#1 Most Sought-After Finish in 2022: Matte Black

Adding black to the features in any room is nearly always appropriate, especially when utilized as an understated finish or accent. Matte black makes a strong statement on its own while also complementing nearly any color scheme.

What are the 3 main fixtures for a bathroom? ›

Plumbing fixtures are the main event in the bathroom: toilet, sink, shower and tub.

What color is trending in bathroom faucets? ›

Black-Matte Bathroom Faucets

Black-Matte Bathroom Faucets have become really popular in the past couple of years, and their trend continues in 2022. First of all, black looks good with anything and is easily incorporated into any design.

What floor tile never goes out of style? ›

Marble, or a faux marble, like quartz with a marble appearance, will never go out of style,” Winn says.

What color bathroom sells the most? ›

By analyzing more than 32,000 listing photos of recently sold homes across the nation, Zillow found that houses with pale blue bathrooms sold for $5,440 more compared to similar homes with white bathrooms (a decent return on the cost of a can of paint and a little labor).

What bathroom color sells best? ›

When it comes to bathrooms, light blue was the top hue of choice among prospective home buyers.

What makes a bathroom look Luxury? ›

Use a light neutral paint color and white bath linens to create a high-end hotel bathroom style. A casual bathroom can look more expensive if you splurge on quality white towels and rugs. Pair your white linens with neutral accessories to tie everything together.

What do buyers want in a bathroom? ›

At the very top of the list: A linen closet in the primary bath, rated as essential or desirable by 76% of home buyers; A shower stall and a tub (74%); A double vanity (69%); and.

What color faucet is timeless? ›

Timeless Finishes

When it comes to faucet finishes, look to Arctic® Stainless or Polished Nickel. Arctic Stainless finish is the classic's classic, tried and true in presentation and tone.

Is gray still in for 2022? ›

Leading paint companies Benjamin Moore, PPG, and Sherwin-Williams all agree: 2022 is the year for gray-green. The sophisticated hue symbolizes balance and harmony often seen in the natural world.

What is the most relaxing color for a bathroom? ›

5 Soothing and Relaxing Color Schemes for Bathrooms
  • Charcoal and White. Dark and light colors contrasting each other is always an interesting color combination for bathrooms. ...
  • Beige Chocolate and Cream. ...
  • Navy Blue and Silver. ...
  • White and Lavender. ...
  • Pewter and Ivory.

What is the new decorating trend for 2022? ›

You'll see lots of curved chairs, sofas with gently sloping arms, and round poufs in velvet, linen, and nubby boucle fabrics. In addition to natural wood tones and vintage pieces, we'll also see a return of black accent pieces. Marble furniture and accents will also be popular in 2022.

What is the best color to welcome 2022? ›

Though we can't promise anything, adding some (or all!) of these colors just may bring you good luck this year:
  • White: A New Beginning. Johner Images. ...
  • Red: Overall Good Luck. Education Images. ...
  • Purple: Prosperity. Tatyana Rusinova. ...
  • Blue: Peacefulness. PIKSEL. ...
  • Silver: Opportunities. ...
  • Green: Happiness and Good Health. ...
  • Gold: Hope.
6 Dec 2021

What colors make a small bathroom look bigger? ›

So what colors make a bathroom look bigger? According to basic design principles, light colors such as white, crème, pastel blue, gray or yellow will visually expand a room, while dark colors such as a deep red, green or brown, will make a room feel smaller.

Is Brushed nickel out of style 2022? ›

In terms of metal finishes, polished and brushed nickel is still a classic, as is oil-rubbed bronze, and brushed gold finishes. On a Shaker-style door – the most popular style these days – a great pull makes an impact without sacrificing style and functionality.

What color faucets are in style now? ›

The 7 Most Popular Kitchen Faucet Finishes in 2022
  • Polished Chrome.
  • Stainless Steel.
  • Brushed Nickel.
  • Polished Nickel.
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze.
  • Matte Black.
  • Brushed Brass.

Should all faucets in house Match? ›

All of your faucets and doorknobs don't have to match throughout your house. You can select one metal for your kitchen and another for your bathroom. So if you don't want to give up a ton of control, you can still get creative with your designs. You can swap out one or two faucets if they're all the same metal.

What are 2 things to consider when designing a bathroom? ›

Top 7 Considerations when designing a bathroom
  • Space. Fully utilising your available space is essential. ...
  • Size. What matters here is getting the balance right between the good use of the space available and the design of the room. ...
  • Light. Your bathroom lighting should not be an afterthought. ...
  • Colour. ...
  • Access. ...
  • Budget.
21 Jan 2021

What are the 4 types of bathroom options? ›

4 popular bathroom types for you to consider for your new remodel
  • Master bathrooms. The master bath is the main bathroom in your home and is often attached to or close to the master bedroom. ...
  • Full bathrooms. ...
  • Half bathrooms. ...
  • Split bathrooms. ...
  • Jack and Jill.

Should bathroom fixtures all match? ›

Don't mix and match your hardware and/or finishes! If you have the ability, get your hardware to coordinate, since having silver, white and gold or black makes your bathroom look disjointed. The key to proper design is to universally communicate a message, so hardware and fixtures are key.

What sinks are in style 2022? ›

Belfast, Butler, and farmhouse style sinks are here to stay in 2022 as ceramic sinks are set to be one of the most popular kitchen trends again this year,” says Beesley. “Their iconic deep basin design can help transform any kitchen into a more classic and traditional space.

Which bathroom fixtures should match? ›

Some designers say the safe bet is to match your hardware finishes to your permanent fittings such as your faucets and showerheads. For example, chrome goes with chrome. But other designers suggest having fun with your choices. After all, this is where you can introduce pops of color or sparkle.

Are bathroom backsplashes outdated? ›

In bathrooms, a backsplash is still recommended, though it is possible to do without a backsplash in some situations. If you have a sink counter that does not butt up against the wall (a pedestal sink, for example), your need for a backsplash is only aesthetic.

What backsplash does not go out of style? ›

Subway tile is the most enduring choice for a backsplash. Avoid bold, trendy colors, and instead look for white or neutrals. Keep it simple, and bring in color elsewhere in the kitchen, with more easily replaced items, such as dish towels, art, bowls of fruit and rugs.

What color kitchen cabinets are in style for 2022? ›

Green – Natural and organic; green is said to be the “BIG” color for 2022. Designers are excited about combining warm shades of green, with natural wood elements, such as oak and walnut. Matte Gray – Darker shades of gray will also be a hit.

What color holds the most value? ›

According to the iSeeCars report, yellow is the most valuable colors among convertibles and SUVs, while orange does it for coupes, beige is best for pickup trucks, and purple, being among the rarest of colors in any segment, boosts the value of sedans the most.

What color house is hardest to sell? ›

Hard Sell: 7 Pretty House Colors That Scare Buyers Away
  • Foreboding Black. 1/7. ...
  • Tree Green. 2/7. ...
  • Citrusy Green. 3/7. ...
  • Blinding Bright Yellow. 4/7. ...
  • Dingy Dark Brown. 5/7. ...
  • Overpowering Purple. 6/7. ...
  • Not So Pretty in Pink. 7/7.

What color tile is popular for bathrooms? ›

White tiles are still the most popular tile color choice, especially for small bathrooms. A light tile color will make your tiny bathroom feel bigger and brighter. Especially when you have little to no natural light coming into your bathroom, will a white tile be a classic and right choice.

What is the most popular bathroom finish? ›

Chrome is arguably the most common and most popular finish found in most bathrooms. Apart from the fact that it works well with all home styles, it is also inexpensive and easy to maintain.

How can I make bathroom walls look more expensive? ›

How to Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive
  1. Major Wallpaper. Cover your walls in a statement graphic to distract from outdated fixtures or poor natural lighting. ...
  2. Use Trays. ...
  3. Hang a Chandelier.
  4. Add a Chair.
  5. Display Your Towels. ...
  6. Have a Laugh. ...
  7. White Marble to the Max.
10 Nov 2019

What bathroom finishes are easiest to maintain? ›

If you're looking to build a low-maintenance bathroom, here are a few options you might want to consider.
  1. Solid Surface. Solid surface materials are becoming popular lately because of their versatility, durability, and low-maintenance requirements. ...
  2. Fog/Streak-Proof Glass. ...
  3. Wet Bathroom. ...
  4. Luxury Vinyl Tile. ...
  5. Porcelain.
31 Jan 2020

Is it worth updating bathroom before selling? ›

Myth No. 1: I need to redo my kitchen and bathroom before selling. Truth: While kitchens and bathrooms can increase the value of a home, you won't get a large return on investment if you do a major renovation just before selling. Minor renovations, on the other hand, may help you sell your home for a higher price.

What is the most essential part of a bathroom? ›

What's The Most Important Thing To Have In Your Bathroom?
  • Vanity. ...
  • Shower. ...
  • Bath. ...
  • Tiles. ...
  • Mirrors. ...
  • Towel rails or hooks. ...
  • Good lighting. Plenty of light is essential in a bathroom to make getting ready easier. ...
  • Good ventilation. Finally, you need to consider ventilation.

Do buyers prefer baths or showers? ›

As a result, it's no surprise that bathtubs are one of the most popular features in new homes. In fact, according to a recent study by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), over 50 percent of home buyers prefer a master bath with a bathtub and a shower as opposed to just a shower stall.

What metal finish is in Style 2022? ›

Recently, black and brushed bronze were popular; however, moving forward, we will see a return to more classic tones. Examples include unlacquered brass and shiny finishes such as chrome and polished nickel. Finishes such as polished copper and gold also will grow in popularity.

Is brushed nickel going out of style? ›

Brushed nickel isn't going out of style any time soon. This popular material is perfect for traditional style homes, as well as transitional style homes that take elements of both the new and the old.

What is the next home decor trend 2022? ›

You'll see lots of curved chairs, sofas with gently sloping arms, and round poufs in velvet, linen, and nubby boucle fabrics. In addition to natural wood tones and vintage pieces, we'll also see a return of black accent pieces. Marble furniture and accents will also be popular in 2022.

What are the new 2022 decorating trends? ›

10 Designers Share the Biggest Interiors Trends of 2022
  • Chic Chocolate Hues.
  • Classic Canopy Beds.
  • Maximalism Marvel.
  • Dark Kitchens.
  • Something Old, Something New.
  • A Quiet Place.
  • A Cozy Palette.
  • Go For the Bold.
26 Apr 2022

How much is a new bathroom in 2022? ›

The average cost to renovate a bathroom ranges from $3,000 to $30,000 and beyond, depending on the size and scope of the project. The national average in the U.S. for a bathroom remodel project is $11,000 as of 2022.

What is the new wall colors for 2022? ›

"Over the past few years, we've seen neutrals start to warm up and sustainability and organic living emerge as key design trends. This will culminate in 2022 with tones like taupes, beiges, biscuits, and mushrooms taking center stage, along with nature-inspired hues, particularly greens," says Wadden.

How do I modernize my home in 2022? ›

Easy Ways to Update Your House in 2022
  1. Upgrade Fixtures and Appliances. Many older homes still have brass or gold hardware. ...
  2. Refresh Walls, Flooring, and Countertops. Wallpaper is making a comeback. ...
  3. Design a consistent color scheme and flowy layout. ...
  4. Improve Interior Lighting.

What colors will be popular 2022? ›

Pantone revealed in December that Very Peri, a blue-purple hue, is its color of 2022. The shade is described as a “warm and friendly blue hue with a carefree confidence and joyful attitude.” Very Peri is just one shade of blue Pantone predicts will be big in 2022.

What adds the most value to a home 2022? ›

Below are ten home improvement projects with the highest return on investment in 2022.
  • Landscaping. Curb appeal says a lot about your home. ...
  • Updated Kitchen Appliances. ...
  • New Front Door. ...
  • Windows. ...
  • Flooring. ...
  • Bathroom Remodel. ...
  • A Fresh Coat of Paint. ...
  • Garage Door Replacements.
10 Feb 2022

What is the ceiling trend for 2022? ›

Smooth & Reflective

A stretch ceiling can be done in any color or finish, but high-gloss or reflective is on trend. The sheen draws a bit of attention to the ceiling and enhances lighting with its reflective qualities. If you want something more bold, try a mirrored finish.

What is the kitchen style for 2022? ›

Modern Wood Finishes

Greens and blues will continue to dominate home design in 2022, and the kitchen is no exception. But according to the NKBA, white and wood tones will also be popular. Together, these hues are the foundation for today's popular organic style.

What adds the most value to a bathroom? ›

11 Ways to Add Value to Bathrooms
  • Create Twin Sinks. For shared bathrooms, installing an extra sink can be a brilliant move. ...
  • Update Lighting. ...
  • Integrate Custom Storage. ...
  • Add a Neutral Palette. ...
  • Option No. ...
  • Option No. ...
  • Install New Tile. ...
  • Update Shower Fixtures.
18 Dec 2017

What is the most expensive part of a bathroom remodel? ›

Usually, the most expensive part of a bathroom remodel is labor, tile work, and plumbing. While these areas are superior, there are other aspects like layout changes, shower, etc., that can raise the budget according to your preferences.

How much should a walk in shower cost in 2022? ›

Walk-in showers can cost between $8,500 (for a smaller walk-in shower without glass panels) and $20,000, depending on the materials chosen, number of shower heads, and design. This is higher than the cost of a normal shower, which ranges between $2,622 and $9,326.


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