10 of the Best Free-to-Play Games on PS4 (2022) – GameSpew (2023)

10 of the Best Free-to-Play Games on PS4 (2022) – GameSpew (1)

If you own a PS4, you don’t need to spend money to have a good time.

There are many free-to-play games available on PS4, and many of them don’t even require you to have a PlayStation Plus subscription. But which are the ones worth spending time playing? What are the best free games on PS4?

Hopefully we can help you with that. The PlayStation store lists no less than 74 free-to-play games available on PS4, but they’re not all created equally. Some games don’t let you progress very far without making in-game transactions. And others, well, they’re just not that much fun.

We’ve gone through all the free games on PS4 to round up the very best. Click on through to find 10 games you can have an excellent time with without ever spending a penny. We’ve specifically chosen games that spread across multiple genres too, so there’s bound to be something to suit everyone.

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1. Genshin Impact

10 of the Best Free-to-Play Games on PS4 (2022) – GameSpew (2)

Genshin Impact is a huge RPG adventure that’s been compared to Breath of the Wildin its gameplay and design. In it, you’ll take on the role of a traveller looking to reunite your lost sibling. Along your journey, you’ll explore the vast and beautiful world of Teyvat, fighting against its many foes, meeting plenty of friendly faces, and gaining new abilities as you go.

Genshin Impact‘s world is gorgeous, and there’s so much to see and do. It’s rare that a free-to-play game feels as engrossing as this, especially as a single-player adventure. You can, of course, play with friends if you’d rather – the game supports up to four player co-op, and even has cross-play for across PS4, PC, iOS and Android. If you enjoy getting lost in a deep and engaging adventure,Genshin Impactis without a doubt one of the best free games on PS4.

Download Genshin Impact from the PlayStation Store

2. Fall Guys

10 of the Best Free-to-Play Games on PS4 (2022) – GameSpew (3)

Fall Guyswasn’t originally a free-to-play game. Indeed, this launched as a paid experience, and it’s only recently that developers Mediatonic have switched over to the free-to-play model. It’s the perfect game for it, too, as it sees up to 60 players compete in a range of madcap events. It’s essentiallyTotal Wipeout in colourful, videogame form. And it’s just wonderful.

Watching so many fall guys wobble their way around courses, seeing who falls at the first hurdle, is fun in itself. But fighting your way to the top – whether you choose to play dirty or simply rely on sheer skill – will never not be entertaining. We’re so glad thatFall Guysis now free to play, so more people than ever can join in the madness.

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DownloadFall Guysfor free on the PlayStation Store

3. Path of Exile

10 of the Best Free-to-Play Games on PS4 (2022) – GameSpew (4)

If you’re like us and enjoy loot-filled action RPGs like Diablo, you’re going to love Path of Exile. It’s a deep ARPG spanning multiple areas, each one teeming with monsters to defeat. There are in-game purchases, but none of them are necessary to get the most out of the game, and that’s what makesPath of Exileone of the best free games on PS4.

After creating a character, you’re free to explore, kill monsters and collect all the loot you can carry. Before you know it you’ll be hooked, adventuring far and wide in the pursuit of building the most powerful character you can. Or you can just try to follow the story. It’s up to you.

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Download Path of Exile from the PlayStation Store

4. Dauntless

10 of the Best Free-to-Play Games on PS4 (2022) – GameSpew (5)

An action RPG set in a dark fantasy world, Dauntlessputs you in the role of a ‘Slayer’, tasked with taking down monsters that threaten to destroy what’s left of the human race. You can play by yourself, though it’s designed to be played co-operatively: you can join up with up to three of your friends to form a formidable team.

As you progress throughDauntless, taking down more of its hulking beasts, you’ll gain loot which will allow you to craft and upgrade your weapons and equipment, letting you get ever stronger. There’s a whiff ofMonster Hunterhere; if you enjoyed taking down a Diablos inMonster Hunter World,Dauntlessoffers a similar thrill. But this one’s completely free.

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Download Dauntless on the PlayStation Store

5. Crossout

10 of the Best Free-to-Play Games on PS4 (2022) – GameSpew (6)

Are you a fan of Mad Max? You might want to try outCrossout. It’s a multiplayer vehicular combat game where you’re up against other players in a range of weird and wonderful vehicles, all out to kill you. You’ll find souped-up cars kitted out with spikes and guns, and all kinds of other vehicles that wouldn’t look out of place in a scene from Mad Max.

Crossoutfeatures both PvP and PvE events, meaning you can play against real players or compete against AI adversaries. As you win matches, you’ll gain resources which will let you customise your vehicle, making it more and more deadly. Before long, you’ll have your very own Magnum Opus, ready to destroy everyone it comes up against. There’s a lot of fun to be had both in playing the game and in tinkering around with your vehicle. So if that sounds like something you’re interested in, you won’t be disappointed.

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Download Crossout on the PlayStation Store

6. Brawlhalla

10 of the Best Free-to-Play Games on PS4 (2022) – GameSpew (7)

Yes, finally! A free-to-play Super Smash Bros.! Well, almost. Brawlhalla is an arena fighting game which supports both local and online play. Each week there are six randomly rotated characters to choose from for free, but you can purchase characters if you’d like them to be available permanently.

It’s an enjoyable and easy-to-pick-up game that’s suitable for all players, and its frequent updates mean it constantly feels fresh. You’ll find a range of well-known characters to play as in constant rotation. How about Hellboy? Or maybe Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead?

There are dozens of different weapons that fall from the sky during combat that give players advantages against their opponent. There are also a number of different game modes to keep things fresh. If you get bored of simply fighting against your opponents, you can challenge them to a game of Brawlball, or Bombsketball. Yep, they’re pretty much exactly what they sound like.

Download Brawlhallaon the PlayStation Store

7. Fallout Shelter

10 of the Best Free-to-Play Games on PS4 (2022) – GameSpew (8)

Ever wanted to control your very own vault? Then Fallout Shelter is the perfect game for you. Originally released for mobile devices, Fallout Shelter proved so popular that it was ported to consoles, including PS4, in 2018. And it’s still one of the best free games on PS4 today.

Rather than being a full-on action RPG like Fallout 4,Fallout Shelteris only concerned about what goes oninsidea Vault. You take on the role of the Overseer, and it’s your job to take care of everyone living inside your vault. That means ensuring everyone’s got a role to fill, there’s somewhere for everyone to sleep, and you’ve enough supplies to keep everyone fed. You’ll also have to keep your population numbers up – babies can be born in your Vault, and newcomers might want to move in, too.

It sounds straightforward, but keeping everything running smoothly is easier said than done. You’ll have to protect yourself from Roach invasions, and send out your Vaultdwellers on dangerous supply runs. Keeping everyone alive is hard work, but it’ll keep you going back.

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Download Fallout Shelter on the PlayStation Store

8. Warframe

10 of the Best Free-to-Play Games on PS4 (2022) – GameSpew (9)

If action, gunplay and sci-fi all sound appealing to you, thenWarframeis one of the best free games on PS4 worth checking out. It’s one of the most popular free-to-play games, and once you take it for a spin, it’s not hard to see why: it’s bloody good.

Warframeis a third-person shooter that can be played alone, or you can team up with up to three others via online co-op. You take on the role of a member of the Tenno, an ancient race of warrior awoken far into the future with a goal to save Earth. Each character has their own ‘Warframe’ – an armour unit that gives them special abilities, and as you play, you’ll be able to upgrade and refine your Warframe to offer up new abilities.

Thanks to continual updates and support from the development team,Warframeconstantly feels fresh. If you’ve played before but haven’t jumped in for a while, we guarantee there’ll be something new for you to try. And if you’re brand new to the game, you’ll have enough content to keep you hooked for months.

Download Warframeon the PlayStation Store

9. Fortnite

10 of the Best Free-to-Play Games on PS4 (2022) – GameSpew (10)

By this point, Fortniteneeds no introduction, but we’d be foolish not to include it on our best free games on PS4 list, so here we are. Fortniteis a battle royale game that pits 100 players against each other to crown one the ultimate victor. How do you win? Simply be the last man standing. Easy, right? You can use a variety of weapons and equipment to help you survive. Hiding might work for a while, but you’ll eventually have to move, so staying on your toes might be the best option.

It’s completely free to play, but like most F2P games, Fortnite includes a range of in-game purchases. Most are cosmetic, or allow you to get random items – but you are also able to purchase things using in-game currency that you’ll earn when you play.G

Download Fortnite on the PlayStation Store

10. Trove

10 of the Best Free-to-Play Games on PS4 (2022) – GameSpew (11)

Want to playMinecraftbut don’t want to have to buy it? EnterTrove. Troveis an MMO sandbox game with a very similar style toMinecraft. But here, players have multiple character classes to choose from – Pirate Captain, Shadow Hunter and Tomb Raiser are just a few. Each class has different special abilities, so they all have their strengths and weaknesses.

Whichever you choose though, you’ll find yourself exploringTrove‘s many worlds, all accessible from the Hub. Each world has items to find and monsters to kill – loot you collect in a world can be used to craft new items.

There’s a range of game modes to get involved with too, if you’d rather be a little more competitive. You can jump into Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch and Bomber Royale, for example, going head to head against other players.Troveis one of the best free games on PS4 if you like to spend your time milling around in a sandbox, taking things at your own pace. If you enjoyedMinecraft, it’s definitely worth a try.

DownloadTroveon the PlayStation Store

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